About Lake Thompson Honey

Lake Thompson Honey Company is a family run, 3rd generation beekeeping operation located in Oldham, South Dakota. Our focus is honey production and pollination. We produce and sell a variety of premium, all natural products from our current beekeeping operation of approximately 2000 hives. We offer South Dakota clover honey, creamed honey, comb honey and pollen. We also featured a number of all natural products made with beeswax, including candles, hand creams, lip balms, lotion bars, soaps, and wood polish. These items are available both wholesale and retail. We strive for quality and purity in all our products.


At Lake Thompson Honey, we strive for quality and purity in all our products while working hard to use sustainable honey producing practices while leaving as little impact on the land as possible. Our honey is all bottled from our own bees and packaged using minimal processing procedures to keep it pure and natural. The only processing used is heating the honey to 140 degrees, which allows it to run through the filter. Our raw honey products are taken directly from the bee hive, with no processing beyond running it through a strainer. Our skin care products are all made from natural and pure ingredients as well. No chemicals. No preservatives.