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Honey So Good You Know It's From South Dakota

Lake Thompson Honey Company is a family-run, third-generation beekeeping operation. We run approximately 2,000 hives focused on natural honey production and pollination. We produce and sell premium, all-natural product lines of South Dakota clover honey, bee pollen, beeswax skin/wood care, and beeswax candles. We offer pure and delicious clover honey, creamed honey, comb honey and pollen. We also feature a full line of products made with beeswax including candles, hand creams, lip balms, lotion bars, soaps, and wood polish. We always strive for quality and purity in all of our products.

Bee Hives in South Dakota

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Catch Lake Thompson Honey Company at local farmers markets around South Dakota.

Historical Photo of Lake Thompson Honey Company

Our History

Lake Thompson Honey Company began as just one beehive outside of Oldham, South Dakota in 1915.